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Georgia Bar Journal
October 2021, Vol. 27, No. 2

The Value of Mentorship

If you read the August edition of the Georgia Bar Journal, 你知道我是在一位有影响力的导师的指导下,在法律领域初露头角的, Allen Roberts, who was a successful sole practitioner in my hometown.

Working for Allen as a high school senior and when I was home on breaks from college, 我有机会在办公室和法院获得各种法律任务的实践经验. 更有价值的是,有机会从一个从事法律工作几十年的人那里汲取智慧.

In late July, I attended this year’s graduation ceremony for the Mentorship Academy of the State Bar’s Labor & Employment Law Section. 听到今年的徒弟和导师们的成功故事令人鼓舞——他们致力于改善我们州的劳动和就业法律职业的成果.

It also made me remember my time with Allen Roberts as a student in Arkansas, 还有许多经验丰富的律师和法官,我在乔治亚州当律师时曾向他们学习,并将继续向他们学习. Mentorship has always been important to me, and I think it is critically important to the profession.

乔治亚州律师协会和全国其他几十家为年轻律师和新律师实施正式辅导计划的州律师协会也没有忽视辅导的价值. 我们中的大多数人都可以举出至少一个例子,在这个例子中,一位更有经验的律师的支持和指导帮助我们从法学院学到的知识走向了现实世界的法律实践.

一个正在进行的, 结构化的指导关系类似于我们的州律师过渡到法律实践项目所促进的关系, 很明显, beneficial beyond measure to the mentee. 但是经验丰富的指导律师也能从回报职业的机会中获益,在一个投入时间较多但对所有参与人员都有回报的项目中保持与时俱进和积极主动.

As a unified State Bar, we are at the service of every lawyer in Georgia. We don’t represent the interests of any one group over another. 的原因我们的原始状态条规章制度提供实践的建立区域部分是“买得起一个中等,酒吧感兴趣的成员在一个特定的法律或实践的阶段可能会进一步的工作状态栏的统一发展的法律科学和实践作为一种艺术, and in the interest of the profession and performance of its public obligations.”

我们在很大程度上依赖于51个部门,这些部门通过向部门成员提供具体的实践交流,服务于法律行业和公众, 继续教育 and other programming and, perhaps most important, opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with fellow practitioners. Therefore, any section that facilitates a program similar to the Labor & Employment Law Section’s Mentorship Academy is exponentially enhancing its value to its members, their clients and the justice system of our state.

对我来说,听到杰伊·罗林斯(Jay Rollins)谈论学院了不起的工作是一段令人振奋的经历. (See Jay’s related article on page 58). This is a shining example of professional service: seasoned, established attorneys sharing their expertise and lessons learned with younger, newer colleagues for the greater good.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Catherine Salinas was a special guest of the academy for its graduation ceremony. Judge Salinas is a strong proponent of mentorship and, along with Georgia State University law student Madison Hayes, has developed two helpful documents for legal mentors: “8 Tips for Being a Good Mentor,” which you can find on 9页, and a Mentor Meeting Checklist. 萨利纳斯法官的清单包括导师在与学员会面时应该涵盖的项目:

  • Ask about life, interests or hobbies.
  • Ask about future job plans.
  • If a new assignment:
    • Provide feedback on past assignments.
    • Ensure they understand instructions.
    • Provide a “go by.”
    • Don’t overestimate experience level.
  • Promote mentee with organization or community.
  • Find an observation opportunity.
  • Provide a resource, contact or connection.
  • Ask the mentee what they need (open-ended question).
  • Schedule next meeting.

导师会议清单上的最后一项特别让我产生了共鸣:安排下一次与学员的会议. 我的经验是,一个好的想法或意图很容易因为其他承诺而半途而废. So if this article encourages you to mentor and show up on a regular basis for your mentee, then I consider it a success.

Obviously, the Labor & 除非导师/徒弟双方都能投入必要的时间和精力,并分享最终的利益,否则就业法科的导师学院和类似的项目不会成功. 为 eager-to-learn younger lawyer, the rewards are obvious and immeasurable. 但是,作为导师可以是一个重新焕发活力的机会,可以回报职业,并从帮助年轻同事获得成功中获得满足感.

为 lawyers in sections that do not offer established mentoring components at this time, or those who do not belong to any sections, 州律师过渡到法律实践项目(TILPP)对新入职律师来说是一个杰出的资源. TILPP为新律师会员提供指导,在他们执业的第一年为他们提供继续法律教育学分. 我很幸运地成为了TILPP项目的首批参与者之一,至今还记得这个项目是如何帮助我与公司里的另一位律师建立联系的.

其目的是为每一位新入职的律师提供有意义的机会,让他们接触到有经验的律师,教授他们的实践技能, 经验丰富的判断力和对道德和专业价值的敏感性,是从事法律工作所必需的. 该项目由持续律师资格委员会的职业委员会标准制定并在其主持下运行.

Key elements of TILPP’s mentoring program include regular contact and meetings between the mentor and beginning lawyer; discussions on ethics and professionalism, client relationships, practice management and pro bono responsibilities, among others; an introduction to the local community; and periodic evaluation of the mentor/mentee relationship.

Mentoring is important to the present and future of the legal profession. 这是一个在职业生涯的早期阶段,在法学院毕业后继续学习的机会,从一个资深律师的现实世界的经验,谁愿意分享他们的制度知识,为职业的好处.

劳动 & 就业法科的辅导学院为任何想加入专门为新会员设计的辅导计划的律师协会部门提供了蓝图. 我鼓励我们所有的部门和当地或自愿的律师协会考虑建立一个类似的学院,以加强你在格鲁吉亚法律界的实践领域的未来.