This special committee works to provide 和 exp和 training for using iCivics, 全国最全面的, 符合标准的公民教育课程和资源计划. 由桑德拉·戴·奥康纳法官创立, 今天得到了索尼娅·索托马约尔大法官的支持, the iCivics curriculum seeks to ensure that our nation's students underst和 our systems of government 和 civic processes-和 in doing so, ensure the strength of our republic 和 the continued success of our nation for future generations.


The success of any democratic system depends on the active participation of its citizens. 公民知识与公民参与之间有着重要的联系, 和 our system thrives if Americans underst和 how our government 和 its branches work.

然而,学生们成长在一个不公正的时代. 公民教育几乎从学校课程中消失了, 和, 比以往任何时候都更, youth are not voting 和 are becoming disillusioned with the political process. 这就是为什么, 在最高法院任职25年之后, 法官桑德拉·戴·奥康纳(S和ra Day O’connor)于2009年和今天成立了公民教育组织, 索尼娅·索托马约尔大法官正将这一火炬发扬光大.

iCivics gives students the necessary tools to learn about 和 participate in civic life, 和教师的材料和支持,以实现这一目标. 有关 iCivics.org include print-和-go lesson plans, interactive digital tools 和 award-winning games. iCivics teaches students how government works by having them experience it directly.


自2013年以来, the 乔治亚州律师协会's iCivics委员会 has been committed to reinvigorating learning about government 和 good citizenship in our state by promoting the use of iCivics. 部分资金来自州律师协会的自由基石® 程序, iCivics委员会, 与乔治亚家庭联系伙伴关系(GaFCP)合作, 乔治亚州公民参与中心和法官, 全州的律师和公民领袖, has provided training on the use of iCivics 和 its implementation into existing civics 和 social studies curriculum in several county 和 city school districts in Georgia. Just a few of the locations where iCivics training has been provided for by the State Bar's iCivics委员会 include Atlanta 和 Fulton County Schools, 哥伦布和马斯科基县学校, 奥古斯塔和里士满县学校, 雅典和克拉克县的学校, 萨凡纳和查塔姆县学校, 还有其他很多人在这个州的各个角落. The State Bar's iCivics委员会 has made presentations to civic organizations, the Georgia School Board Association 和 annually at the Georgia Council for Social Studies Conference held in Athens each October. 这样做, 我们引进了数百名教育工作者, 通过他们, thous和s of students to iCivics 和 all of the materials 和 tools it provides for education 和 promotion of active participation in government. 我们的 goal is to produce informed citizens ready to participate in the operation of our democracy.


多亏了州律师协会公民委员会及其合作伙伴的努力, 乔治亚州已经成为公民使用人数最多的州之一, 最近的数据显示整个州的使用都在显著增加. By partnering with individuals 和 organizations that are also invested in improving civic engagement in our state-including the 佐治亚州家庭联络伙伴关系 (GaFCP), 佐治亚州公民参与中心, 法官, attorneys 和 other civic leaders-the Committee has been able to exp和 its efforts to bring iCivics training to as many students as possible in every part of Georgia.

利用GaFCP的公民健康数据, 社区和全州范围的知识, we are able to target trainings to regions with the greatest appetite for growth 和 to populations with the greatest need in order to achieve maximum impact. Opportunities to collaborate with other community members-such as volunteer lawyers, 法官, 房屋委员会领导人, 男孩女孩俱乐部, 寻找项目, 和 county 和 city officials-are also being leveraged 和 maximized through the partnership between the Committee 和 GaFCP. 另外, 佐治亚州公民参与中心, 支持和促进公民事务委员会的工作, 和 many lawyers 和 法官 have been champions for iCivics in their own communities.


继续提高我们州的公民知识和参与水平, 公民委员会需要你的帮助. 这里有一些你可以参与的方式:

  • 帮助在你的社区促进公民行为: Attend teacher training sessions 和 make presentations to your local civic organizations 和 bar associations to help express the importance of civics education 和 knowledge about our democracy, as well as the implications it has for our future leaders in Georgia-including for our justice system.
  • 成为一名公民志愿律师:与老师、课外辅导人员、童军领袖等一起动手., 帮助教授公民学课程, 比如那些关注司法系统的人, 宪法和三权分立.


2017年9月,她不得不推迟演讲, 索尼娅·索托马约尔大法官与埃默里大学的师生进行了交谈, 格鲁吉亚司法部门的成员, 和 representatives from the 乔治亚州律师协会's iCivics委员会 about her involvement with-和 her unique influence on-the national civics education initiative when she visited the university on Feb. 6, 2018. After sharing her own compelling story about how she chose to become a lawyer, 在她生命的大部分时间里,感觉自己是一个“局外人”是什么感觉, including as a freshman at Princeton University 和 in her own Supreme Court chambers, Sotomayor spoke on the importance of engaging students in our democracy 和 championed iCivics as an excellent way to reach students from all walks of life. Justice Sotomayor highlighted the linkage between civic engagement 和 the ability to make a difference for all of us. “我相信我们的参与. I believe with all of my heart that unless we become engaged in our country 和 become active participants in making a difference in the world we're in, 否则我们将只是旁观者. 没有人应该一辈子做个旁观者. We are here for a reason-every one of us-to make a contribution to bettering the world. 但你得有勇气去做. And you have to have the energy 和 desire to leave behind a legacy greater than merely st和ing on the sidelines. 所以, 这就是我参与公民运动的原因, because it touched the cord in me that the best place to start making good citizens is in grammar school."

详情请浏览: http://gafcp.org/2018/04/11/sotomayor-icivics/.







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